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Renowned singer Usha Uthup speaks about her take on women entrepreneurship & empowerment

Singer Usha Uthup is one who broke the taboos surrounding music and women in India. The diva of Indian Pop and jazz who has been enthralling her audience for the last five decades still swings the crowd with her delightfully energetic performances. Usha Uthup, who was in Kochi to attend the women entrepreneur meet, talks to Channeliam.com about women empowerment and her take on it.

Regarding the Women In Business event, she said that she found it unique. Such initiatives creates an interest among people and creates an infrastructure to expose and bring them to the forefront. Usha added that a platform to expose women talent is the need of the hour.
Usha Uthups’ success mantra for women entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves. If you have a dream, dream it big and make it come true, says Usha. The key point to success is to dream.
Appreciation is another key factor determining success, adds Usha. Being a musician by profession, Usha says that audience clapping for her is her are the moments which touch her heart.


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