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Inker Robotics to provide Robotic solution from Defence to Agriculture

Inker Robotics, robotic innovation by introducing radical changes in multiple segments

Inker Robotics is creating a sea change through robotic innovation by introducing radical changes in defence, agriculture and academics. With its operation spanning from Kerala to the Middle East, Inker Robotics provides exclusive services in the defence sector. Also, Inker is building future talent in academics.About 20 engineers are working at NARD, a vertical manufacturer of robotic products, says Rahul P. Balachandran.

Along with Rahul, Benson Thomas George, Anurag K Ayyar and Shabir Khader lead the Inker Robotics team. Inker extends services in agri-sector. The company is currently testing a drone for spraying in wheat, coconut, vegetables and rubber. An interesting fact about the drone is that it stores agri mapping and data. Inker is also building a product catering to cerebral palsy patients. The fully humanoid robot is ready for the education of children. Inker Robotics will soon be expanding its services into markets in Africa and the UK.


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