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Meet the Kerala startup Sieve which bagged investment from Twitter

When Biz Stone, Co-Founder of twitter, invested in a startup founded by a Malayali computer science graduate from Govt Engineering College, Thrissur, it made news headlines. But it didn’t surprise people who know Sanjay Nediyara, a Kochi based entrepreneur. The story of Sanjay, who fought and won the utmost hardships in life is enough to win any startup pitching.

Sanjay inspires entrepreneurs by standing firm while facing worst challenges. Sanjay who became nearly deaf during his college days in 2010, could not attend the phone properly. He lost many good job opportunities because he couldn’t attend to his clients when they call. Sanjay transformed his setbacks into opportunities and paved way to his startup dream.

His startup Sieve is an advanced online platform for freelance employees. A fully cloud based company where there is no requirement of a physical office is the idea behind Sieve. Sieve was able to solve defects in online payment. This made Sieve gain traction from international audience including Twitter.
During a time when startups are competing with each other to covet the best investment, Twitter co-founder and angel investor Biz Stone himself became an investor in Sieve. Sanjay’s Sieve is incubated in Kerala Startup Mission.
Sieve makes processes like starting a website to digital signatures and invoice possible in its platform. Sieve also caters company taxation online. Sieve is one of the fully cloud based companies in Kerala.

Currently, Sieve is a six member team. Apart from Twitter co-founder, the company has investors from US, UK and Malaysia. Biz Stone, who is the adviser for the company said that he wished there were services like Sieve during the time when he was a freelance employee.

Sieve has also bagged investments from Otis Elevators, banking institutions in U.K and Friends of Energy, which provides entrepreneurship support to the disabled. The company is looking forward to extend their service to government companies apart from private companies.


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