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World’s first Fly & Drive car to be unveiled in Miami

Most of us might have had a dream of travelling in a flying car during childhood. That dream is becoming a reality in Miami. Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle or PAL-V travels both in land as well as in air

Named Personal Air Landing Vehicle, the car is manufactured at Denmark. The car is equipped with retractable overhead along with rear propellers. PAL-V can fly at altitude as high as 12,500 feet. The car employs automobile gasoline. PAL-V comes with top speeds of 200 mph on air & 100 mph on the ground

PAL-V will go on display at an event entitled: ‘Miami 2020 &Beyond. The two-seater flying car is equipped with 230hp and a four-cylinder engine. PAL-V converts from a three-wheeled car to a gyrocopter in just 10 minutes. Flying car can go from 0 to 60 mph in within eight seconds.PAL-V, priced at $5,99,000. will officially hit the market by 2021.


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