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Eat Green Salads, a Kochi startup promises healthy and hygienic food

Healthy food habits is always second priority these days when people, especially malayalis are indulged in their own busy schedules. When people look on to filling their stomachs than following an appropriate diet, they miss out on healthy food habits, which might eventually lead to diseases including heart ailments. It is at such a time that EatGreenSalads, a Kochi startup, gains prominence.

Know Eat Green

Founded by the couple Vinoj Kumar and Dr Geeth Vinoj, the food startup Eat Green aims at elevating the status of Salad, which is considered as a side dish in Kerala, to the main course. Salads prepared using organic vegetables and pulses are Eat Green’s attraction. Vinoj who worked in MNC and Geetha who was a teacher, quit their careers to start the venture. Geetha says that it was after Vinoj suffering a heart ailment that the couple decided to launch a startup that promotes healthy food habits among the community.

Eat Green Squad

Along with Geetha and Vinoj, their friend Rahul Ramesh is also in the EatGreen Squad. Eat Green is currently a team of 5 including Hotel Management graduates and candidates pursuing the course. Vegetables are sourced from Ooty and Bengaluru. Vegetables are used only after undergoing a thorough cleaning process. Dr. Geetha says that she is the one who sets the menu.

The customers

Doctors and Engineers are the top customers of EatGreen Salads. Dr Geetha says Malayalis’ reluctance to change their food habits is a challenge. Only a few people consume salad as a main meal. It points to Malayalis’ unhealthy eating habits. It took 2 years to establish EatGreen.

Where to find?

The salad can be ordered online at https://eatgreen.co.in/.  Eat Green’s salads are available in Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats platforms. The startup currently operates in Palarivattam.


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