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Government of Odisha is taking meaningful steps to foster startup growth in India

The government of Odisha, under the leadership of Naveen Patnaik is aiming to advance India’s startup movement and to provide the best startup infrastructure, to be the part of the innovation culture curriculum and to make their startups be the part of mentorship and training. While speaking to Channeliam.com, Tusharkanti Behra, Minister of Electronics and IT, explained about the Startup Framework aimed at Odisha.

100 Cr from Odisha for startups

Odisha’s startup policy emphasizes on innovation. The state govt has allocated Rs 100 Cr for the purpose. Tushar Kanti Behra added that they aim to make Bhubaneshwar one of the leading startup ecosystems in the country within 2-3 years. Odisha has startups that focuses on emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain. Odisha aims to grow startups in the futuristic technology areas that the industry demands, says Tushar Kanti Behra.

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