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Ivan Miranda’s Sand Drawing Robot turns beach to a notepad

When we are on the beach, we always try drawing on the sand.  It, sometimes, turns out to be a herculean task with the sand being so wet. Ivan Miranda’s robot can lend a helping hand in this. Or, his robot can be effectively used to leave a romantic message on a beach or to write an SOS message on a deserted island.

Miranda’s sand carving robot has a simple design. It is a linear actuator placed on two wheels with an etching tool attached to it. It moves horizontally, one row at a time, carving letters on the sand. The text bears resemblance to the dot matrix format from the 70s and enhances visibility. The sand robot is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery.

The only trade-off is speed. The robot is slow and it takes a while to prepare it to write. However, Ivan,  a native of North Spain, is thrilled with the success of the bot and is working on the speed. He may soon come up with an improved one.

A self-confessed hyperactive YouTube content creator, Miranda comes up with new projects every week. His videos are mostly based on subjects such as digital fabrication, 3D printing, electronics, woodworking, instrument making, metalworking and so on. Who knows? As we watch this, Miranda might be getting ready to present his next innovation to the world.

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