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Anywaves, a startup which creates change in space tech research

Considering the future of the earth and the existence of human beings, new technologies are foraying into deep space. Communication with Earth is an important aspect of deep space exploration and satellite communication. These days, satellites use telemetric tracking and command communications in microwave frequency. French startup ANYWAVES is developing antennas that enable satellite communication in the S Band, X Band and GNSS bands.

ANYWAVES develops antennas that can be used in launching small satellites for purposes including telecommunications, navigation, earth observation and atmospheric input. High performance and clarity are the unique features of the product, says Nicholas Capet, Founder and CEO. Anywaves, which started operating in 2017, produces antennas for drones too. While space tech startups find a foothold in states including Kerala, Anywaves, a France-based space tech startup is gaining importance.

India is home to a lot of excellence in space technology and has many great startups with solutions in Space Boat, Satellite and Data Use, says Nicholas Capet, Founder and CEO of Anywaves. The startup is working on the lines of ‘New Space’ movement, where a global sector of new aerospace companies and ventures working independently of governments, to develop faster, better, and cheaper access to space and spaceflight technologies. The company is headquartered in Toulouse, France. They are currently a 16-member team. They also have a technical team that makes antennas for small satellites.



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