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Things to take care of while working from home

Work from home: Set a dedicated workspace at home. Avoid sitting on a sofa; a table and chair would be ideal. Arrange essentials like computer, Internet and phone.Create a Daily To-Do List and stick onto tasks. Get organised; coordinate constantly with team and manager. Ensure productivity of the company. Set hours required for assignments. Use quality wireless headphones to reduce noise if the surrounding is noisy. Use the latest web browser and cloud-based file sharing service. Wear official attire during work hours. It will generate the feeling of being in office. As schools are closed, a system should be there to look after children. If the spouse is also working from home, share the duty at regular intervals. Must be capable of using more technologies during work from home. Techniques like Google hangout can be used for team video calls. Use apps Asana to check team outcome and Trello to organise work. Stay focused once an assignment begins. Don’t check mail, WhatsApp or FB while working as it affects productivity. Eat at right times in the dining room.Don’t entertain visitors during work hours. Freshen up after the day’s work to energise. You have to be back to work the next day. Work from Home demands continuity. Mentally prepare for that. Find time for chores, too. Don’t forget to wash clothes and clean home.


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