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Wisk On Wheels, developed by engineering students from Wayanad to fight Covid

The students of Govt Engineering College, Wayanad, have come up with innovative mobile lab for Covid-19 testing. By employing advanced technology, the fully sterilized vehicle, Wisk on Wheels, can be used to collect swab samples. The full version of Wisk on Wheels is:”Walk in sample collection kiosk in wheels”.

Automatic hand sanitizer, Ultraviolet treatment chamber for cleaning air out of the kiosk, Tool for communicating with swab collectors are the key features of Wisk on Wheels. Currently, patients from various parts of Wayanad including health department staff are being brought in ambulances. With Wisk on Wheels becoming a reality, it is now possible to collect samples from observation centers.

Wisk on Wheels is the result of two weeks of hard work from faculty and staff of the engineering college, led by Principal V.S Anitha. Prof. MM Anas, Prof. EY Mohammed Shafiq, R Vipin Raj, PK Mahesh, KR Subin Raj, KP Mohammed Shafiq, CJ Xavier and K Balan worked behind the center.

The cost of setting up the inspection centre, by modifying the vehicle of Health Dept, was borne by the college itself. The Kiosk has been handed over to the district administration.


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