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Singapore-based JioVio healthcare designs a PPE kit to help salon operators retain business

Like every other sector, COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown have impacted the salon business, too. The public was also affected by the absence of salons. Although salons have reopened partially, only a few arrive for haircutting due to the fear of infection. A Singapore-based company, JioVio healthcare has come up with a solution to the problem.

To support the sector, it has introduced a cost-effective PPE kit specially designed for the salon/beauty clinic operators. The kit named as ‘salon protective kit’ has a gown that covers the entire body of the hairdresser or barber, a mask and a face shield. The kit not only ensures safety but also disposable.

In the case of customers, they will be provided with a disposable cutting sheet. However, they will have to pay 25% extra for that. In India, where salons are found in every nook and corner, JioVio’s product is sure to gain acceptance.

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