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Chef film is a journey exploring taste, cuisine and life

John Favreau’s movie Chef was released in 2014. It tells the story of a remarkable chef and his entrepreneurial journey. Born in Miami, Carl Casper is the chief chef at Gauloise Restaurant in Los Angeles.  His experiments with food leave customers crave for more. But the restaurant owner Riva is not a big fan of Carl’s innovations. He wants his old classic menu to remain untouched, without any alteration. This creates friction between them.

Meanwhile, Carl Casper gets a chance to serve food to the prestigious food critic and blogger Ramsey Michel. As expected, Riva demands his classic menu to be followed. Following Riva’s advice, Carl prepares the food. Ramsey gives a scathing review about the food and the chef. On twitter, Carl criticizes Ramsey on a public tweet misunderstanding it to be a private message.

The tweet made Carl an overnight sensation. One thing leads to another and Carl ends up confronting Ramsey in public at the restaurant. Carl loses his job and is dejected. His tech-savvy son Percy comforts him while ex-wife Inez suggests him to return to Miami and rediscover his love for the Cuban Cuisine. Inez arranges a food truck for Carl. Along with Percy, he renovates the old truck. Carl’s friend Martin joins the team, quitting his job at Gauloise. Carl creates a food revolution in Miami with his enticing cuisine. Percy markets his father’s business through social media.

Carl returns to Los Angeles with his food truck, Cubanos. One busy evening, none other than Ramsey Michel meets him at the truck.Ramsey clears the air about his toxic review. Being a big fan of Carl, he was disappointed to see him produce a meal beneath his talent.  Moreover, he requests Carl’s involvement in his new restaurant with a promise of absolute creative freedom. Six months later, Carl and Inez remarried at the new restaurant. The story of the chef with magical fingers is a tribute to hundreds of chefs like Carl Casper. Chef is scripted, directed and produced by John Favreau who plays the protagonist Carl. Made with a budget of 1 cr and 10 lakh dollars, the movie earned 4 Cr and 50 lakh dollars.

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