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How Google and Jio are trying to win the digital industry with a million-dollar deal

The Google-Jio deal that created waves in the recent days will pose a threat to the Chinese smartphone market in the coming days. The phone manufacturing deal between Google and Reliance Industries is strong enough to replace the Chinese brands that have been ruling the $2 billion worth Indian smartphone market for the past few years. India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world. As part of the $ 4.5 billion deal, Jio and Google reached an agreement to build low-cost Android phones that offer 4G to 5G experience. For the past eight to ten years, Chinese companies have been literally engulfing the Indian smartphone market with their best marketing tools. Eight out of ten smartphones sold in the country come from China.

When Reliance introduced JioPhone with internet access for a basic price of Rs 1500 in 2017, it created a revolution. JioPhone still has 100 million users.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance aims to bring 4G and 5G features on budget phones. Through the partnership, Jio is implementing a big plan to put Reliance phones in the hands of every Indian. Reliance also knows that many phones which run on 2G Vodafone Idea and Airtel connections will choose Jio once the 5G phone revolution begins. When it comes to the deal, even Google counts certain benefits. Through Jio, which has already taken over the internet segment in the country, Google aims to lead a digital revolution in the years to come.

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