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Story of Navdeep Golecha, who quit his white-collar job in London to pursue farming

Across the world, if you ask about futuristic ventures or startups, without any doubt, people would choose space and agriculture sectors. It is the same thought that motivated Navdeep Golecha to quit the high-paid job of an investment banker and start a first-class farm. He started his farming venture ‘Natura’ on 150 acres in Sirohi in Rajasthan, where the Aravalli Mountain Range begins. Pomegranate, papaya, lemon and strawberry are grown there following modern farming methods.

Natura was started in 2015 with the aim to produce pesticide-free fruits. Born into a business family in Rajasthan, Navdeep is a post-graduate in Financial Economics from the University of Leicester, UK. Recipient of CFA programme scholarship, he worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland for a while. Navdeep, who has no background in agriculture, started the agri enterprise at resigning his job. He interacted with farmers from different regions to learn about farming, collected possible information from the Rajasthan Department of Agriculture and started Natura with the help of an agricultural consultant. About 35 farmers currently work on his farm.

At present, the farmers earn around Rs 10,000-15,000 a month. Net revenue was Rs 70 lakh last year and is expected to touch Rs 1.25 crore this year.

According to him, organic farming methods became important as people have become aware of healthy eating habits.

So, Navdeep insisted that the fruits grown in Natura should be pesticide- free. Organic biocides and biofertilizers have been used for farming. Many have advised Navdeep not to venture into farming. But he testifies that agriculture brings satisfaction, peace and a fair income. The field never loses demand.

These days, a lot of young people opt for farming, letting go of the comforts of white-collar job. Navdeep Golecha is one of such hero.

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