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Aqua Star, an innovative rain harvesting solution from Kerala

It was during a brainstorming session on rain harvesting options that rain gutter idea dawned on entrepreneur Seejo Ponnoor. Seejo introduced Aqua Star rain harvesting solution realising the market gap for such a product in the building sector. The product is patented now.

In Kerala where rain is plenty, what else would inspire an entrepreneur? Aqua Star owner Seejo Ponnur is finding his foothold in the business scenario by constructing rain gutters to collect rainwater. Aqua Star designed this patented product realising its potential in Kerala.

Seejo says the product was launched after studying best rain gutter designs abroad and taking into account the state’s unique physical features.

Seejo and his team used the COVID lockdown time for design research and to bring product awareness across India. That boosted the demand for Aqua Star Rain Gutter across India when the market became active after the lockdown.

The scalability of the product is that it has scope everywhere it rains. Slope proof makes rain gutters necessary. The product has high demand in coastal areas.

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