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Entrepreneurs must be aware of Gov. wage Protection system

Wage Protection System is the new system introduced by the Labour Commissionerate in the state. With this, every employer should upload 44 details of the employee in his company in an excel sheet on the website of the Labour commissionerate. Listen to Adv. Navod prasannan (Navodaya law solutions) expertise in corporate legal affairs.

Previously every employee was supposed to keep a muster roll. This is an online register by which every entrepreneur should upload details of the employee. Now, by bringing in the amendment, the form of register is introduced. The system calls for more staff and resources and many entrepreneurs in the state are not aware of the system. Because of this, they do not comply and non-complying each month is a prospective offence.

When the entrepreneurs try to upload details into the new system, they run into lot of problems, including uploading. Most of them end up being uploading wrong details because the online system itself is not very popular. If you look at the 44 required details, even details of EPF and ESI are mandatory. These are not requirements under the minimum wages act and Kerala government has taken beyond the main act.

The entrepreneur can either approach the High Court for stay on the wage protection system or wait for the state government to improve the system and make it more entrepreneur-friendly. 44 mandatory things are bank account details, number of leaves granted, city compensation wages, total amount, employees provident fund, employees state insurance, welfare fund, professional taxes etc. These details are entered into the excel worksheet and has to be uploaded in to the website of Labour Commissionerate. Minimum wages act is applicable to every firm that means, to any entity which has at least one employer and employee.

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