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Saarang Sumesh 8 year old genius is India’s Youngest robot maker

Saarang Sumesh, an eight-year-old is the worlds youngest robotic innovator today. Saarang showed his interests in robotic engineering at the age of four. His innovation began from the robot kit his father gifted him. With the advanced technology in artificial intelligence and robotics, Saarang Sumesh is an inspiration to the technology community.

Cleaning robots , smart seat belts that automatically senses when the vehicle meets with an accident, electronic clocks and sensor walking sticks are some of his inventions. Saarang’s’ achievements are incredible, he was the youngest speaker among great scientists and makers across the world at Fab12 Conference (Fablab, MIT Boston) and also the youngest Tedx Speaker in the world.

Further, he participated as the youngest ‘Maker’ in the worlds largest Maker Faire in California, USA. Saarang sumesh is Kerala’s promising performer to future innovative community.

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