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IT Secretary M Sivasankar IAS talks on areas Kerala startups need to focus

The startups in Kerala have huge potential, says Kerala IT Secretary Sivasankar IAS. He points out the areas where startups should focus on are innovation around hardware, cyber security, application of technology and mobility.

The trend of hardware startups in Kerala is on the rise after launching the Fab Lab academy program in association with the MIT. The rising trend in hardware will lead to enterprise and it must go on, he said. This will attract firms like Intel to take a close look at Kerala Startup ecosystem.

The government’s commitment to connectivity, such as K-fone the public wifi helps in creating a connected ecosystem across the state. It will help in opening up huge scope for IoT deployment, wearables and devices.

Cyber security is another sector where startups can focus on. The widespread connectivity leads to the rise of security concern which in turn makes cyber security an important sector for startups.

The next sector where startups can focus is the social implication of application. For example, scarcity of water is a major issue in the country, including Kerala. Even though we receive abundant rain every year, water scarcity peaks during the January to May period when ponds and wells go dry. Possibility of water storage and ensuring the quality of water collected need to be ascertained, says M Sivasankar IAS. Technologies like aquifer mapping and IoT assisted water purification technologies can play a key role in this scenario.

Mobility is the fourth area where startups can come up, he concludes.


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