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Parallel to the nationwide trend of Electric Vehicles, Kerala unveils its first electric bicycle, Tezlaa

While the whole nation is undergoing a paradigm shift from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles, Tezlaa, an electric vehicle brand from Kerala eyes the Indian streets, hoping to benefit from it.
Tezlaa’s electric bicycles are eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. They can also be folded and carried anywhere. Tezlaa’s bicycles are rust and dust proof. The electric bicycles comes in two price variants: Alpha and Alpha Pro.

If charged for two hours, Alpha version can travel up to 50 Km whereas Alpha Pro can travel upto 100 Km. Alpha model comes at Rs. 56,000 whereas Alpha Pro comes at Rs 69,000. Tezlaa comes with two year warranty and is serviceable anywhere in Kerala.
Tezlaa’s has portable battery which can be removed and charged at home or office. Tezlaa’s battery and motor are made of aluminium and alloy frame. A single bike can be employed as a bicycle with 21 gears; a bike operating on an accelerator or as a regular cycle with a pedal assist mode.
Smado Labs, a startup based in Maker Village, Kochi, is the first entity in Kerala to manufacture electric bicycles and bring them to market.
Tezlaa is the brainchild of three youngsters, Midhun, Jishnu and Ashin. Tezlaa was launched in Integrated Startup Complex, Kochi on 20 July, 2019.
At times, when the whole nation is adapting to the new trend of Electric Vehicles, Tezlaa’s venture into the market through E-bicycles, has tremendous market potential. Tezlaa uses its online platform for marketing purposes. For more details, visit the official website of Tezlaa.

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