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Be a freelancer; Worksera is there to help

Worksera aims to enable women to find relevant work opportunities from home. Worksera came into being when its founder Meeta Verma herself realized that despite having a large population of educated women in the country, the contribution of women in the workforce is less. As an army officer’s wife, Meeta Verma had to move to a new place every two years as part of her husband’s work and this took a toll on her professional life. It was then she decided to do freelancing. Freelancing gave her career growth and freedom to showcase her skills irrespective of the location. When she realized there are many women who could do freelancing if they were given an opportunity, he launched her startup, Worksera. Worksera aims to bring more women to take up freelancing and balance their work-life and family.

One of the major problem that the online works deal with is the lack of credibility. Often, freelancers are not paid properly for their work. Here is where Worksera becomes unique, says Meeta.

Work sera work on escrow model and thus ensure payments to its freelancers. An escrow payment is when a third party holds the money on behalf of all the transacting parties and realizes the money to either of the parties involved based on preset conditions being met.

One of the key focus areas of Worksera is in data preparation for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Worksera is free for women to sign up, and create their profile. The clients can choose the required talents for their work. Apart from Meeta, the core team members of Work Sera consist of Spoorthi Kinhal, Merlin Mathew & Radhika. Worksera is incubated at NSRCEL, IIMB, since March 2017.


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