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MealD, this Kerala based startup fills both the stomach as well as minds of customers

MealD – Good Food Culture

No one cares about the nutritional content of the food and its hygienity while ordering the meal straight from your phone. Studies show that above 30% of our community suffer from lifestyle diseases. Reasons for this can be improper food patterns and quality lacking food. MealD, a Kochi-based startup is working with the aim to promote good food culture, reminds us of the good relationship between food and community.
Minimum plastic; maximum quality
Founded by Lajesh, Shameela and Gafoor, MealD works on a cloud Kitchen business model. From collecting the ingredients for preparing food to making the food available to the consumers, MealD supervises each and every step. Packaging is another important aspect of MealD. They wrap up the food items in banana leaves. Use of plastic is minimal. Their Kitchen team has two chefs.
Detour from junk food addiction
Meals can be pre-booked online. MealD has a digital food valet. Apart from filling your stomach, food should be able to fill your minds also. There is a need to bring back the generation which is addicted to junk food. Good food culture should be promoted within the community. And that is what MealD is aiming at.

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