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Enfield Riders, a bike-riding startup, founded by couples for the adventure freaks

Enfield Riders is a motorcycle tour company which kick-started in 2012 in support of adventure lovers. Founded by couples Bhaljeet Gujral, a banking official, and Poornima Gujral, a teacher, the startup is based in Mumbai. They started off by renting out motorcycles and planning weekend trips. Bhaljeet and Purnima’s first task was to transform a company which started with six motorcycles into a full-fledged brand. The overwhelming response took the company to greater heights and Enfield Riders became a sensation in the social media.

Once they started organizing 10 day trips to Himalayas, their client base started to grow naturally. In 2013, they established a 1000 sq ft garage and eventually converted themselves to a private limited company. Riding enthusiasts from sectors including IT, banking, media and others are now part of Enfield Riders. The company also has an online platform that sells motorcycle accessories. In addition to this, more than 1,000 women were taught bike riding through their coaching academy exclusively for women. Royal Enfield Bullet, the favorite vehicle of bike lovers, is the lucky mascot of the company.

Trips are being implemented from major destinations in India including Rajasthan, Goa, Ladakh to Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Though the revenue earned in the first year was only 5 Lakhs, after 3 years, the company reached a turnover of up to 97 Lakhs. Enfield Riders has an employee base of 30 people as of now.

Bhaljeet is a former employee of Swiss Bank. He also held the post of Associate Director at UBS, Standard Chartered Banks, Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. His wife Poornima Gujral has more than 10 years of experience in education sector. His love of bike riding has come to the idea of starting his own venture. Bhaljeet says that bigger risks and bigger rewards are the norms in business. Though they have recognition in the international market, they find it difficult to gain the same traction in India, added Bhaljeet.


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