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medQ is designed to Bridge the Healthcare and Technology for a Healthier Future. With a strong commitment to enhance public health, medQ has established an array of innovative projects that are set to shape the future of healthcare.

Inforich Technology​ provides foresee a big revolution in healthcare sector where the medical data will play the pivotal role. Inforich Technology​ also focus on developing innovative solutions which will enhance a flawless data exchange (interoperability) between different stakeholder’s applications.

World’s first Personalised Maternity Daily Care Plan for You. Mobile App- Pregnancy, Mom & Baby Care. Inability to procure a skilled Inability to procure a skilled caregiving professional after birth of the baby is a problem faced by millions of households. Maternia Care is a Tech and Touch Support Company solving that challenge

Navalt is an eco-marine tech company that specialises in the manufacturing of solar electric vessels. Our ability to combine state-of-the-art data analytics with our unique design skills has paved the way towards building vessels of stellar quality.

EyeROV provides Remotely Operated Vehicles / Underwater Inspections Services Underwater Robotics. Company Providing Safer, Economical and Efficient Solutions to the World

We work on simple solutions to improve clinical efficiency, safety and patient experience in hospitals and home-cares. Our Pilot Product Dripo is a connected infusion monitor, which will help the nurse to set, manage and monitor infusion therapy at ease.