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Appfabs, a Kerala startup is creating new dimensions in cyber security

Appfabs, a Kerala startup is creating its mark in the field of cyber security. Beagle, the product from the startup has its presence in European countries as well. Today, there is lack of skilled employees in the cyber security segment and the testing cost is high, says CEO Rejah Rahim.

Beagles can be a substitute for the current cyber security testing procedures. Beagle addresses cyber security related issues with the help of AI and ML. Companies can integrate Beagle security to their web applications. Apart from this, Beagle also offers testing options during the development phase of the platform. Appfabs products are based on a SaaS platform. Beagle had also received good reception from the European market.

Appfabs extends beagle security support for Canadian banks as well as Indian startups. Though formed in 2016, the firm has been actively operating in the cyber security for over 10 years. The company aims to minimize issues related to cyber security to a great extent. Appfabs aims to expand to more foreign nations in the future.


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