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Sonam Wangchuck’s idea to ban Chinese apps paves way for tech solution

As social entrepreneur Sonam Wangchuk’s exhortation for Indians to fight China through their wallet power is gaining momentum, a startup that provides tech solution to his words is also getting noticed. The mobile app that helps to clear Chinese apps from the phone has got 1 million downloads within a matter of a few hours. Jaipur-based startup OneTouchAppLabs came up with the app ‘Remove China Apps’ to help one detect and delete Chinese apps on the mobile phone. The app with a single user interface is now leading the Google Playstore. This startup has been trending since Sonam Wangchuk called for boycotting Chinese apps.

‘China Ko Jawaab Sena Degi Bullet Se, Naagrik Dengey Wallet Se,’ said the educational reformer in his video post. According to Wangchuk, China’s provocation at the India-China border is to divert attention from the internal conflicts happening in China due to the Corona spread. He added that boycotting Chinese apps indicates economic resistance from Indian citizens.

Aamir Khan’s character Phunshuk Wangdu in the movie 3 Idiots is inspired by the 53-year-old Sonam Wangchuk, who encouraged people to boycott Chinese apps through his two YouTube videos. Wangchuk is known for creating the artificial ice glacier called Ice Stupa to combat drought in Ladakh. In the first video message with a duration of 8 minutes and 55 seconds, he explains the reason behind boycotting Chinese products. India is the biggest market for China, which has a big GDP asset. Every year, Indians buy Chinese goods worth Rs 5.2 trillion. Wangchuk says that the money is being used to buy arms to destroy India. It’s like we pay China to kill our soldiers, Wangchuk explains. Perhaps that’s why Wangchuk’s words have been popularised by a large number of people including celebrities.

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